God Dabbles in Home Design – Ezekiel, Part Four

(an outtake from Once More, From the Beginning. This is one of the bits that didn’t make it into the book.)

English: Pick-up sticks Polski: Bierki

pick-up sticks – not the ones The Lord used

Finally – and solely for his own amusement this time – God performed one more little trick with sticks that appeared to forge the tribes of Israel into one people again, and he fondly imagined them living happily in the land of Israel, peaceful and prosperous and gratefully honouring their Lord forever. This was clearly just a bit of wishful thinking. But he truly was determined to return them to Israel from Babylon…just as soon as they learned their lesson.

In anticipation of this happy homecoming, The Lord started developing plans for the kind of house he felt he’d be comfortable in. He certainly wasn’t about to simply trust the children of Israel to get it right – he knew by now how quickly his needs could be brushed aside if he wasn’t forceful in his demands – so he presented his design concept to Ezekiel in an instructional vision hosted by a virtual handyman with a flax string and measuring reed who bustled about throughout the tour, measuring everything in sight and ostentatiously making notes of the particulars. Everything was documented: walls and gates, doors and windows, serviceable tables and stylish, custom built altars. The design included a large, up-to-date kitchen area, suitable for baking and boiling sacrificial offerings during major feasts. Nothing was left to chance.

Gradually, the vision expanded to encompass the city of Jerusalem itself, as it was to be rebuilt, complete with suggested landscaping; walled, and with twelve separate gates: one for each of the tribes, in order to avoid petty squabbles.

The Lord knew better than to rely too heavily on Ezekiel’s memory. “You’d better get busy,” he insisted. “You’re going to want to prepare some effective visual aids to help you sell this concept to your fellow Jews.”

Obediently, Ezekiel pulled a spare scrap of scroll out from the sleeve of his robe and started sketching feverishly, while the details were still fresh in his mind. Just as he was jotting down the final few notes, The Lord added one final instruction:

“By the way,” he said, “I want the priests to wear linen from now on. No wool. Wool makes them sweat. And then they scratch. I don’t want people scratching in my house. It’s annoying.”


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I’m a Canadian author—a pragmatic optimist with rather eclectic interests and a pervasive sense of humour. Toronto born and bred, I live by the lake with a motley array of dogs and a cat, all but myself being of unknown origin, in a comfortable old house filled with books. Over a thousand books. Books in every nook and cranny. And now, since there can never be too many books, I'm writing more. Once More, From the Beginning highlights the women in the bible. It's about time! And believe me, they see things quite differently. And in Dodging Shells, you'll meet the irrepressible Tommy, as he fights his way through Italy in World War II. You'll love Tommy. I do. Next? Well, that's a secret yet. Stay tuned... I recently initiated the fledgling Ocean Highway Books, providing editing, formatting and cover design services to authors wishing to self-publish.
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One Response to God Dabbles in Home Design – Ezekiel, Part Four

  1. I don’t know how you were able to leave these gems out of your wonderful book . . . .

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