Missing the Point – Ezekiel, Part Three

(an outtake from Once More, From the Beginning. This is one of the bits that didn’t make it into the book.)

Ezekiel’s dismay at the impending destruction of Jerusalem was alloyed, it must be admitted, with a smidgen of guilty satisfaction. He’d developed a really distasteful habit of visualizing that unfortunate city personified as the lewdest of harlots, and he spent far too many of his lonely midnight hours lasciviously picturing her spreading her legs for every handsome foreign god who wandered by. His eagerness to embrace this new image of her, stripped naked and brutally murdered by her Assyrian paramour was just downright unhealthy.

Ezekiel’s Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones

Perhaps a little uncomfortable with the corollary image of Himself in the undignified role of cuckolded husband to this faithless city, The Lord quickly whipped up yet another vision to distract the over-imaginative prophet. Ezekiel was immediately whisked away to a valley strewn thick with bones. As he watched (it was hard to tear his eyes away!) the bones hopped and scuttled about, sorting themselves into appropriate stacks and rebuilding themselves into human skeletons. After a few mismatched limbs hurriedly located their assigned locations, flesh and skin was laid on in a most realistic fashion and the wind breathed life into the lot. The Lord hovered nearby, touchingly proud of this impressive bit of illustrative drama.

This time he was barely disappointed when Ezekiel failed to perceive the underlying symbolism. “How can you not grasp this?” he groaned. “It’s crystal clear! My long-term goal – not anytime soon, you understand, but when the time is right for best dramatic effect – is to open the graves of the ages and bring the dead back into Israel!”

The prophet felt somewhat ambivalent about this particular scheme . . . who wouldn’t be? But he hid his reservations, and applauded supportively.


About Wendy Bertsch

I’m a Canadian author—a pragmatic optimist with rather eclectic interests and a pervasive sense of humour. Toronto born and bred, I live by the lake with a motley array of dogs and a cat, all but myself being of unknown origin, in a comfortable old house filled with books. Over a thousand books. Books in every nook and cranny. And now, since there can never be too many books, I'm writing more. Once More, From the Beginning highlights the women in the bible. It's about time! And believe me, they see things quite differently. And in Dodging Shells, you'll meet the irrepressible Tommy, as he fights his way through Italy in World War II. You'll love Tommy. I do. Next? Well, that's a secret yet. Stay tuned... I recently initiated the fledgling Ocean Highway Books, providing editing, formatting and cover design services to authors wishing to self-publish.
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